Angel Fire


first appearance is in Shi/Cyblade, supposedly.  Must be in one of the big crowd scenes.

April 1997

Rising Sun Edition

#1 - June 1997 (Tucci Cover)

Flores Cover

#1 - Bimota Cover (C)


black and white interior - Japanese marketing attempt, jointly with Horihachi Toys

Written By: Dan Mishkin

Penciled by Roberto Flores

Inked by Rich Perrotta



Editor: Tony Bedard

Model: Tiffany Shepis


American Entertainment Cover

#2 - August 1997


  #3  - October 1997


There was a set of 4 posters with her with the motorcycle; 3 of just the bikes.

Written By: Dan Mishkin

Penciled by Roberta Flores

Inked by Rich Perrotta


Inside back cover shows Tia Carrere and the Crusade Crew at San Diego ComicCon 1997


Written By: Dan Mishkin

Art by Roberta Flores

Lettering by Jeff Zapata


Note that this issue was Black & White - declining sales or time pressures made a color issue too expensive.



The images shown here are Copyright ©William Tucci and Crusade Comics unless otherwise indicated.


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