Art of War - 1998

A fascinating concept - you can have your own unique creation of artwork.  I haven't gone to any of the conventions where these images are created - yet.   The artwork inside the AArt of War books is also fascinating, with one illustration below.  Tucci's primary artwork is in pencil, and the evolution from his pencil drawings as shown in AOW is fascinating.  He has also shown some of this in the Way of the Warrior Trade Paperbacks.

There are more sketches on the pages for  1999 (5-year anniversary)2000 (Year of the Dragon)2001 (Year of the Serpent) ,   2002 (Umadoshi)2003 (Owari), and 2004.  Several originals are shown in the Year of the Dragon Page (2 covers, one interior page), some of the original art for Daredevil and Wolverine covers is on this site..  I also have some "original" art by Tucci.


There were 2 slightly different versions - one with the crusade logo in the lower right hand corner,  


the other with the logo in the upper left hand corner 

unusual for a 1998 tour book - color on the hair - probably drawn in a later year.

found on ebay - 2004 drawing, something sort of new - lower left hand corner Shi Stamp
Wizard World - Chicago  T5Y126 zoomed in a bit, no descreening
Drawn at March 2000 Diamond Comics Orlando Spring Fling A closer look at the image to the left
Probably drawn in San Diego - 1998 


Detailed look at the image to the left


Mexican Show


haven't done my own scan, yet UK  


  St George - interesting art, interesting idea - may show up someday in a series.

 See the other Lithographs

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