Avengelyne/Shi Crossover - 2001


Convention Special
Carrie Hall Cover Rick Lyon Cover Marat Sketch Back Cover

July 2001

1500 copies

Rough Pencils by Sean Shaw for the cross-over are included

1500 copies

one of 100, original sketch by Marat Mychaels

Jagen Burrows did the back cover


The one-half edition - 6 covers - not counting printing variants!

Rob Liefield Matt Martin Matt Martin
November 2001   "Victory" cover

Artwork: Sean Shaw

4000 copies

Story: Robert Lugibihl

4000 copies

Inks: Robert Jones

1000 copies

Marat Mychaels Prism foil version "Ruby" foil Edition Royal Blue Foil

Inks: Robert Jones

4000 copies


500 copies

"Convention Special" - 400 copies

100 copies printed

Al Rio Sean Shaw
Consulting Editors; Rob Liefield and Billy Tucci

4000 copies

(Feb 02 solicitation)

Color: Nimbus

1250 copies

 Issue 1 - 6 no 7 covers !   (and 5 versions of the Finch cover) November 2001

David Finch, Billy Tucci, Matt Martin, Matt Haley, Karl Waller, Sean Shaw, Rick Lyon, Al Rio

Cover Inks:  TIE( Al Rio cover),  Matt Martin (Finch Cover), Robert Jones (Haley Cover)

Tucci  wraparound cover pencils from convention special



Note the cross glyph that Tucci put on Avengelyne's cheek - it did not make it to the printed cover.  Sort of his normal trademark for Shi and Tomoe


Sean Shaw Cover

Al Rio Cover Martin Cover
Artist: Sean Shaw Story: Robert Lugibihl Color: Nimbus


Matt Haley - Face Off Cover

Matt Haley - Face Off Cover - Ruby Red Version

Rick Lyon - Red Leather - $25

limited to 750

Karl Waller
1500 copies 250 copies Artwork: Karl Waller

1250 copies

march 02 solicitation


David Finch Cover Platinum - promotional issue 

Platinum prism foil 


Royal Blue Foil 

"Ruby" red foil version

1500 copies

I had to fake it on the "platinum" foil on the title - scanned black, so I fixed the colors.

500 copies


100 copies

$ 75


"Convention Special" 400 copies


Avengelyne Created by Rob Liefield and Cathy Christian

Avatar Press, 9 Triumph Drive, Urbanna, IL, 61882


Purchased from Comic Cavalcade ( www.comcav.com )




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