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There are several versions of this card - still sorting it all out - chrome, chromier, sticker, etc

for other Tucci version  - see Battlebooks

Same image, mostly, scanned a little differently

Eyes of Prey - Card 31 (of 50) in the Chromium Trading Card set.  Krome Productions 1997

Darkchylde Chromium

I have one each from: base, chromium set;  clear chrome; and the holochrome  sticker.  

Hard to tell a lot of difference! (well the sticker is clear enough).


    The 1-per-pack HoloChrome stickers form a 50-card parallel set. 

    A 50-card parallel ClearChrome set was available in "hot boxes," distributed one per Hobby case (12 boxes).


Lady Death - see the Guest Appearance 

Lady Death Series 1

- pretty much the 'swimsuit' image.  TM 1994, Chaos Comics

Lady Death Series 1- Card 55, "Joy".  Artists: William Tucci/ Jason Jensen

This card is from the first Lady Death trading card series; from the parallel factory series, which features the same cards as the standard version of Series 1, but with a gorgeous refractor (holochrome) finish

Death's Star - Parts 1, 2, 3; TM 1994, Chaos Comics.  This is a 'tryptych'

bigger jpeg version


again - two versions of the scan, the one on the left is more faithful.  This is from the first Lady Death trading card series, in chromium. Speculation on the last card about a Lady Death crossover - never happened.

Witchblade, Gen13

  Snider has found these cards - Witchblade (still looking) and Gen13 (have one).
   card 36. 1996 card 80, Freefall (Roxy?) is the girl, title is 'Dangerous', art by Tucci and Asencio




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