The "Battle for Independents", and in particular the Cyblade/Shi pairing, seems to have been designed to maximize the number of variants.  The Cyblade/Shi comic is heavily advertised as the first appearance of Witchblade (Top Cow).  See also the Witchblade battlebook.

Silvestri Cover  T5Y019
Cyblade/Shi Tucci Cover   T5Y018
Special Edition


Special Edition 2

~August 1995 Pencils: Marc Silvestri


Plot: Marc Silvestri, William Tucci, Brian Haberlin & David Wohl

Script: Brian Haberlin & David Wohl 

Inks: Batt 

Colors: Ashby Manson

Copyright Image Comics

Gold Seal Version Gold Seal Version German covers    
certificate for the one above, and the Shi/Cyblade below.

Golden Apple Comics in LA.

1000 Copies, again.  No certificate to go with this one.

Splitter appears to be the publisher


I have this one.


Back Cover First Witchblade AE Cover
  Page 18 October 1997

Cover credits: Michael Turner, D-Tron, Richard Isanove



Silvestri cover



Tucci Cover



Golden Apple - Gold Seal version


  The Models





Christy Turlington

September 1995
©William Tucci and Crusade Comics.

Image in Wizard Magazine article, January 1996


First Appearance of Angel Fire

Story: William Tucci,
Script: Gary Cohn & Tucci
Art: Tucci, Nelson Asencio, & Jimmy Palmiotti

do you see it?

Model look alike -- 

Shi = Christy Turlington, Cyblade = Helena Christiansen

see note on inside cover

thanks to  ttodd


  Helena Christensen


Sneak Teaser Preview, 1995
Cyblade/Shi - Page 4
STP version (B&W) 
Cyblade/Shi - Page 4
some really great B&W drawings and inks - preliminary versions of the poster image



Boxed Sets

Boxed Set Cover
one of what appears to be at least three versions of the box set

This is what appears to be the rarest of the covers - bound on top of the boxed set. (see above)

poor scan - so does the value go down a lot if I open the shrink wrap?  



Cyblade Origin  March 1996  
Cover is part of poster by Tan, Tucci, and Silvestri, contained in the WOTW 4 issues Same image showed up as a centerfold even earlier in Image Comics:   Stryke Force #8, November, 1994.

That would make this issue of Image one of Billy's earliest public appearances - not long after WOTW 1.




The images shown here are Copyright ©William Tucci and Crusade Comics unless otherwise indicated.


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