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January 1997


"Banzai" Edition - B&W January 1997


February 1997

(but first in story order)



Script: Tucci & Gutierrez Art: William Tucci with Nelson, Caesar & Rich Perrotta Copyright © Marvel Comics

Christopher Golden, Peter Gutierrez, Thomas Sniegoski, and William Tucci get story credits.

Other DD Images
 Also, the back cover of Combo Magazine #23 which is the same as the back cover of Shi/Kaidan

Overstreet Fan Edition #20, February 1997 has Shi and Daredevil together on the Cover.  This is one of the editions that had the special "Heaven and Earth" mini-comics, Tora No Shi



Tucci has said that one of his great dreams was to be able to draw Daredevil

The images shown here are Copyright ©William Tucci and Crusade Comics unless otherwise indicated.

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