East Wind Rain

Bill Tucci's tribute to Pearl Harbor - and the Americans of Japanese descent who chose to be loyal to their new home.
Apparently, Bill Tuci and Marc Sasso both attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan at the same time (late 1980's).  Both are history buffs, with a fascination for WW II.

 WWII adventures continue in Sempo

Sneak Attack

Sneak Attack Artwork

Sneak Teaser Preview
July 1997


Back Cover of Rekishi 1 Story by William Tucci and Gary Cohn
Painted Art by Marc Sasso


November 1997


February 1998


Story: Tucci & Cohn

Script: Gary Cohn

Painted art: Marc Sasso


Dedication in the back to the men of the Arizona

Story: Tucci & Cohn

Script: Gary Cohn


Painted Art: Val Mayerik and Vince Evans

Artwork from Issue #1


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