Guest Appearances

Funnytime, Lethargic Lad, Weirdsville


Gen 13
Lady Death (lingerie, swimsuit)

 General Guest Appearances, 1990's

Miscellaneous - 2000's

Conventions - Covers

Fallen Angel





Funnytime Features  (The Hoon), 1995   T5Y027

with and without the gold seal

Crossover in Shi WOTW 6

The variant T5Y028

Eenieweenie Comics, 

3315 Carse Dr, 

Los Angeles, CA  90068. 
Phone: 213-956-8988. 
Fax: 213-874-8341. 

Not sure what limited 

edition means here ;)

ans: the gold seal



 Lethargic Lad   T5Y031



Weirdsville  T5Y107



Lethargic Comics #12, October 1995, Alpha Productions

Greg Hyland

funny sort of 3 stooges riff inside - link to Steve Remen Skit .  Thanks to Delvie


Copyright © Franco Aureliani and Blindwolf Studios 


Weirdsville #5, September 1997


There are some notes on Lethargic Lad guest images in Shi #4 on the side of a building, and in Shi/Cyblade, riding on a dinosaur.  Lethargic Lad connection in WOTW 7.


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