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July 1995    T5Y141

Page 19

Malibu Marvel Dream Team - pinpup art

Malibu comics was bought out by Marvel, 

and their characters pretty much disappeared.

Shuriken, Shi, and Psylocke

by Billy Tucci and Nelson Asecncio, 

color by George Cox III

(see also, Billy's version of Cyblade)

  Apparently, Bill Tucci has had some spare time on his hands.  I sort of understand the guest appearances in the Lady Death Specials (along with his frequent co-workers, Palmiotti, Bair, and Caesar), but how did he end up in Cynder?   It seems like there is some sort of clubhouse near New York City where these guys all hang out together.
Early 1995
Immortelle Studios, Cynder created by David A Hernandez Tucci & Asencio
Samson 1/2 -1995 Blood Bath - back cover Blood Bath - front cover
No publication date give - date is from the Tucci/Asencio logo.

This issue is a collection of 1-2 page illustrations by a variety of unknown artists

Same art on the back of the Blood Bath comic to the right. Story, pencils, inks:  Jamie Biggs - apparently ~1996

Cover Art by Kevin Conrad (and signature)

Samson Comics - Flashpoint Studios, P.O. Box 1529 New Port Richey, Florida, 34656

Editor: Peter M Caravette

Kabuki - by David Mack  January 1996
The Cover, Kabuki Special #1. Published by Caliber Comics, Copyright © David Mack Art By William Tucci, inked by Rodney Ramos, Painted by David Mack



Ray Lago - Heroes & Angels

Not properly a guest appearance - this is Ray's work, which includes his take on Shi - pages 46-49, and back cover.

Archangel Entertainment, 1997 includes prelim sketches for Masquerade from Senryaku




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