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Lady Death (lingerie, swimsuit)

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Fallen Angel



Anthem  - see also Mark Sparacio

Heroic Publishing, Anthem, August 2006, #3,

Cover by Jorge Santamaria Garcia.

splash image from Tucci's 5-page short story in this issue. Story by Tucci, colors by Michael Kelleher. Mark Sparacio cover preview, right after the Tucci story.  On sale in August 2006?

Heroic Publishing;  6433 California Ave;  Long Beach CA 90805


Narwain Publishing

Tucci Covers


©March 2006

back cover - seems to imply there is a second cover out there, and see below

New Orleans Benefit - Tucci Cover

Interior page has inks for the cover.


Here is a cleaned up version (479 KB) of the ink drawing from the Tucci forum.  Lost track of who posted it.


January 2006, printed in Italy.  See also the Katrina Benefit book below.

:German Editions - have these - thanks to



June, 2002.  cover by Mike Allred page 23, by Tucci Hardcover, collects the 4 Madman Picture Exhibition issues, October 2002
Published by AAA Pop Comics, P.O. Box 10294, Eugene, Oregon 97401, ©Mike Allred. 


Finally - not sure if this counts - the 'Shi' logo makes a guest appearance on a Robocop cover  - look just above the little boy.  Sept, 2003, Issue 2, 'Civic Duty' cover. The cover is by Frank Miller and Juan Jose Ryp.  The first image (on the left) is from Avatar - some sort of promotional version, I'm guessing.  The one on the right is the scanned comic.  Zoomed in on 'Shi'



Katrina Benefit Sketchbook - "Drawing Strength" - assembled by John Gallagher

Comics creators appearing at the Baltimore Comic-Con (September 16-17, 2005, Baltimore Convention Center) put this together.  All proceeds from the book will go to Habitat for Humanity's "Operation Home Delivery," creating low-income housing for Katrina's survivors.  As of late 2006, it could still be purchased:

Zoom Suit


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