Tora No Shi (Fan edition)

These came out in Overstreet Fan Magazine, as a prelude to Heaven and Earth

Overstreet's Fan Universe, Gemstone Publishing can be found here:


1 - November 1996

Overstreet #19


1 - gold

1 - alternate



2 - December 1996

Overstreet #20


2 - gold 2 -  alternate - My personal favorite T5Y058
I have one signed, also.    

3 - not dated, presumably January 1997


3 - gold

Overstreet #21

3 - alternate


a little cheeky

Same credits on all 3 issues:

Story: William Tucci & Peter Gutierrez

Writer: Peter Gutierrez

Artist: Nelson


Overstreet Fan Card Front Back Overstreet Fan Magazine #20
See Also Overstreet Fan #3 Tora No Shi #2 was in this edition

Poster - not scanned yet.

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