Interesting Korean character - not normally a nationality enamored of Japanese warriors
 Crossover in the Fan Appreciation Version of WOTW 2

Regular Crusade Cover - March 1996 - T5Y037 Crusade Variant Cover - Black & White Commemorative - February 1996 - T5Y036  
Published by Crusade. There may be another cover - there is an advertisement in the back of this issue for a Horseman #1, Crusade Edition that looks different. Script by Kwon & Peter Gutierrez, Artwork by Mshindo Kuumba I.

5000 copies - then there is supposed to be a "reverse"cover, limited to less than 500 copies

Interesting sketch of Shi in the back of  the commemorative issue by Mshindo


Horseman #1 Ashcan Cover - front back - June 1996 - Chicago ComicCon
Acetate Cover - limited to 1000 copies Mshindo & Buzz 

 there is also a Horseman #2 Ashcan
Horseman 0 - May 1996 Horseman #0 Commemorative Edition, with 5000 copies.  Horseman 0 Gold - May 1996 Horseman 0 Platinum - May 1996 

Credits are not clear, but are something like:

Hank Kwon, Mshindo Kuumba I, Chip Wallace, Juan Rodriguez and Jonathan Clarke.


Commemorative edition (to right) is B&W line drawing interior



Back Cover

5000 copies.  

1000 copies


Horseman 1 - November 1996 Horseman 2 - January1997

Story: Hank Kwon,

Script: Jonathan Clarke and Hank Kwon,

Pencils: Buzz and Mshindo Kuumba I.

Inks: Chip Wallace, Michael Bair, Buzz


There is a second cover - limited to 5000 copies.

not to be confused with the Crusade Horseman 1 (above), which is not the same comic

Story: Hank Kwon,

Script: Jonathan Clarke and Hank Kwon,

Pencils and Inks: Buzz


 Publisher is Hank Kwon, owner of Bullet Proof Comics, Inc, in Brooklyn NY (comic book stores).

2178 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11210   1-800-427-7678  as of 1996.

Copyright © Hank Kwon, Kevlar Studios

Otherwise, the images shown here are Copyright ©William Tucci and Crusade Comics.

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