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7/6/07          Moved Billy’s commissions to their own page

7/03/07      Lady Death,  Heroes for Hire, Tucci Commissions; Mark Sparacio, some edits to old WOTW pages (WOTW 4 Art, WOTW 6, WOTW TPB);  Overstreet’s

12/22/06   People and Poses

11/20/06    Wizard Universe – interview text and movie

10/31/06    Shi – WOTW litho

10/23/06    Shi “Sashimono” poster – Tucci & Sparacio

9/25/06       ShiGi  pencils

9/22/06      many changes.  See Heroes for HireMagazines, (CBG) , Lady DeathGuest Appearances ( various miscellaneous – 1990’s2000’s)

                  2000’s: Robocop,  Narwain (ZombieSama, New Orleans benefit), Anthem (Liberty Girl), Madman, and Katrina Benefit.

8/11/06      Lots of small changes of various kinds.  Heroes for Hire Coming, Zoom Suit, Lady Death, Comics Scene (w/interview), and CBG

12/23/05     Vantage Magazines,  Lots of Lithographs (Ju-nen, Illustrated Warrior), IW TPB, 10th anniversary WOTW 1

6/21/05       Vampirella sketch, Hero Illustrated magazine (with interview), Robocop CoverJu-nen

5/19/05       Found a really obscure magazine on French E-bay

2/19/2005  Updated Comic International Magazine Coverinterview added (pdf)

2/18/2005  Some updates on the Gen 13 pages,  cards

1/04/2005   An Illustrated Warrior Lithograph (IW #6), and a nice pen/ink drawing.

12/08/04   Some German Vampirella additions, Ju-nen (using web art for now), and a Wizard Poster

12/2/2004  Spiderman Battlebook, alternate cover;  Cards

10/25/04   Alternate Wolverine Cover to Wizard 56

10/12/04   New 2003 tour book cover, Shi Sempo covers, including nice pencil, Vampirella Crossover, Savage Dragon cover.

7/11/04     Got the German Vampirellas in – Queens Gambit and Vampirella/Shi Crossover

7/10/04     WOTW 5, centerfold card – Ephesians 6:12-14

7/10/04    Original color art for Grifter/Shi, page 13 by Joe Chiado

7/9/04       Overstreet’s Fan Magazines 8 & 13, the new Overstreets Comic Review

7/9/04       Some old Cyblade/Shi  Golden Apple “Gold Seal” Special Editions, Year of the Dragon, San Diego Sketch Cover,  5 Year Anniversary Sketch Cover

7/7/04     Got the WOTW German editions #7, # 13, # 14, finally.  Got the gold-foil version of the WOTW 5 Silvestri Cover.

4/20/04    revamped the magazines page, some new covers for Overstreet’s Fan

4/10/04   Witchblade origins cover, German Vampirella Issues, Queens Gambit and Shi/Vampi

4/4/04      posters

3/24/04    Haley sketches for Pandora’s Box covers

3/22/04    Shi Kaidan ink by Jason Orfalas and Claude St AubinPreviews poster,  Illustrated Warrior 5 Lithograph,  Michael Bair print.  Inked art for WOTW 9, page 13.

3/15/04    atomic angels print – issue 2 cover

3/13/04    added combo 13  artists proof , german wotw 14

3/11/04   finally got the pandora’s box issue one covers by Rio, Ryp, and Haley

3/10/04    new sketch covers from the 2002 tour

3/1/04     contributed figure for ShiGI  comic

2/9/04    some new magazine entries – Comics International

2/2/04   some notes on magazine appearances (bottom of the page), seems I’m missing more of the German WOTW TPB, issues than I thought.  I have the missing covers for the two missing German WOTWs, thanks to Delvie

1/19/04    the back cover to Combo magazine #23 – an interesting Daredevil/Shi pose; Combo gold WOTW 8, finally put on. 

01/13/04  missing illustrated warrior pics, sempo #2 foil, 2003 tour book

01/09/04   some of the missing illustrated warrior foil covers added, sempo preview plat foil

01/06/04  some of the missing Pandora’s Box covers

01/05/04  Pandora’s Box, SempoShi WOTW #10 – Euro No tour

12/31/03  New art of war, uk version, with drawing.  Burning Blue fixed, Victoria Cross added. Flores cover for Angel Fire 

12/29/03  added gold foil versions of poisoned paradise Tucci covers, beginning of Illustrated Warrior page

5/29/03    was browsing on the crusade web site, found images to add to TomoeAngel Fire (Flores cover?) , a year of the dragon tour book cover I’m missing (comicon), 

5/8/2003     – added Darkchylde battlebooksAvengelyne/Shi 1/2 royal blue foil, reorganized the original art and art of war; 

3/3/2003       –  fixed the links to the crusade home page, edited some counter, fixed misc broken links

12/31/2002 – finished the poisoned paradise series

12/27/2002 – first portion of the poisoned paradise series

12/23/2002   Tidied up the lithographs, added one that I had bought some time back.  Added YOD litho page, revised WOTW litho page.

10/5/2002     Added a few more variants in the Avengelyne/Shi Crossover (abc);  Through the AshesWOTW 1 Antiquities Edition; Three new battlebooks ( Thing, Iron Man, Citizen V); a new magazine – first appearance of Shi Image ?  New Tour Book with Victoria Cross Sketch

06/18/2002    Added link to database site (http://www.kettman.com/dynamic/shi.html )

03/31/2002    Captain America and Colossus Battlebooks

02/02/2002     Lots more Avengelyne,  the first ShiGI, minor additions to Angel FireSketch Magazine Some Trouble of a Serrious Nature

12/28/2001 yet another Cyblade/shi crossover version – this one with a “gold seal”;   Artist proof for Angel Fire Back Cover – Tomoe;   and the first elemment of the Avengelyne Crossover

12/21/2001  I am now  http://www.crusade-fan.com/

11/20/2001 added an art of war cover (T5Y118)

09/14/2001 added a couple of Witchblade images on the Cyblade page 

09/10/2001 Lots more new stuff, lots of lithographs Year of the dragon – with original artwork for coversone new magazine blue book version of the Battlebooks and one Italian version of Vampirella

05/30/2001 Lots of new stuff,  Year of the Serpent, Malibu/Marvel team upShi Akai 

03/31/2001  – Original art from Shi/Daredevil

03/21/2001 Substantial revisions – changed main index page, added the 5year anniversary numbering scheme, cleaned up credits, added a few comics (Shi Nightstalkers)

02/23/2001  New copy of the Cyblade/Shi “yellow” cover, Samson Comics,  Shi – Year of the Dragon Lithograph

02/22/2001   Horseman

02/14/2001   Year of the Dragon,   Shi Judgement night for Wolverine Shi crossover

02/0920/01   Atomik Angels,  Angel Fire,  Tomoe TPB 3Shi Movie covers

02/01/2001 Magazines,  Grifter

01/30/2001 Posters

01/29/2001 German Way of the Warrior Trade Paper Backs (German TPB)Vampirella Crossover Gallery

01/18/2001  Witchblade BattlebookBlack White & Red CollectedSenryaku Hardback

01/16/2001 – Weirdsville #5Wolverine battlebook,  Lithographs

01/15/2001 – fairly major changes.  German Art of War extended.  Cyblade Cyberforce Origins.
01/08/2001 – finally – something new again – Wolverine/Shi Antiquities

09/07/2000 – two Art of War cover sketchs

09/07/2000 – Added a really nice Sketch from ComicCon

08/27/2000 – Added the Wolverine Crossover

08/13/2000 – Added the East Wind Rain series (finally)

08/07/2000 – Added the Series #1 Diamond editionHeaven and Earth Sneak Teaser Preview from the Fan Club Package.

06/17/2000 – Added the WOTW 1 Ashcan,  a WOTW 1 Virgin Gold Foil Logo, a special Manga Shi 1/2 Wizard, and a guest appearance in Kabuki.

06/07/2000 – Added ashcans to the Shi 2000 page

06/06/2000 – Added new page- various one shots, Kaidan (Ghost Stories)Masquerade, and “Black, White, & Red”.

05/23/2000 – Added new lithograph in Art of War
05/19/2000 – Added Heaven and Earth #2 Virgin Cover

05/17/2000 – Added Shi 2000
05/17/2000 – Added new artwork in Art of War

05/02/2000 – Added Shi/Cyblade , rearranged art of war, lithographs
04/30/2000 – added Original art images from Art of War

04/21/2000 – added Heaven and Earth, Tora No Shi (Fan Edition)
04/19/2000 – added signed Manga Shi Preview
04/08/2000 – added Lady Death, Gen 13, and Cynder guest appearances
04/07/2000 – added Tomoe, unforgettable fire, rising sun edition
04/07/2000 – added German WOTW covers for 3, 4, 5, and 6
03/30/2000 – finished uploading jpegs to expanded site (30 MB)
03/30/2000 – added Manga