Lithographs exist for most of the covers.

Ju-nen 1, July 2004 Graphite Cover (500) Anna Sui From the Tucci Web site 

Story & Illustration: Tucci

Colors: Brett Smith

Cover: Tucci & Mark Sparacio

There is a Wizard Poster, a Poster, and a Lithograph


Anna Sui is a well-known fashion designer.  In spring of 2004, there was a curious crossover between fashion and comic art.  Discussion seems to revolve around the fall 2004 Anna Sui collection, though a review of her online fashion stills don't seem to match the art shown here.



Photo to the left courtesy of Delvie.


Ju-nen 2, September 2004 Ju-nen 3, January 2005  
bare cover from Dark Horse bare cover from Dark Horse  
Trade Paperback


Something Different I stumbled across - working sketches for the TPB - apparently discarded - also

 Story, script, art, cover pencils: Tucci

Script: JC Vaughm

Colors: Brett Smith

Cover Painting: Tucci & Mark Sparacio

Original Fashions: Anna Sui


Something different - from Billy's 'alma mater' - the Fashion Institute of Technology - Volume 15, # 1, Fall 2004/Winter 2005,

Longish interview, revealing that "Ana Ishikawa" was one of his instructors at FIT.  This appearance noted by Matthew Nadelhaft (The Frankster).

Mark Sparacio is well represented here - from his site, an additional image




Desktops - from Dark Horse
small , medium , large small , medium , large small , medium , large small , medium , large
Size Key: small: 800 x 600 ; medium: 1024 x 768 ; large: 1280 x 1024


Promotional Card for Merchandise




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