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 Combo Magazine #12, January 1996

Combo Magazine # 13,

February 1996


Combo Magazine # 23

December 1996


(sealed bag - see clear version below)


Something I don't have: Combo 23

Tucci Cover (pencils, inks: Nelson Asencio, colors: Top Cow Productions).  Combo Magazine, published by Century Publishing Company, Evanston, Illinois.

Nice article by Alex Amado, pages 34-39.  Several illustrations, big picture of Bill Tucci

In June 1996, there was a "combo gold" version of WOTW 8.


Some sort of advertisement, maybe an artists proof.  

Cover has Shi, Lady Death, Ash, Bone, Avengelyne, and Lethal Strike. It's signed by Billy Tucci, Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti and Enrique.

  Back cover - see also Kaidan back cover - same image

 - There is an article by BT, and an interesting back cover. Thanks to Scott for the back cover scan. dynamic/shi.html 

Combo was published by Century Publishing Company and edited by Ian M. Feller (managing editor).

Combo™ is copyright Century Publishing Company.

Combo magazine closure

Card Zine has heard that Combo, the US based comics, trading card and action figure magazine and price guide has stopped publishing for the time being. The magazine, produced by Century Publishing company,  featured columns such as 'Pack Rat', 'What's New in Non-Sport Cards' and 'What's Hot in Non-Sport Cards' as well as a non-sport trading card price guide. The magazine also included regular free promo cards. The news that the magazine was to stop publishing was announced in the December issue of Comics International from Quality Communications. I am informed that #36 of Combo (January 1998) was the last issue.   Card Zine is copyright 1998-2002 Christopher Read. All rights reserved. E-mail address:, cached on google - link is gone


one more from Delvie #31, August 1997


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