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New Dimension Comics, March 1992 copyright (?)

Comics International

March 1998

This may be the first 'publication' of the WOTW image.  Comic shop in Pennsylvania.

Reference inside to Amazing Spiderman 389 - so was that 1992, 93, or 94?

Comment on Shi #1 says it will have a glow-in-the-dark cover.  Fortunately, it did not.

Cover by Tucci & Wong.

There is an interview - scanned and converted to PDF file, here. They had a big contest for Shi items in this issue, and a full page advertisement for his appearance in Birmingham in March 1998.

 thanks to Delvie for the magazine.


Advance comics

April 1995

# 76

Don't have Don't have have

Something different - from Billy's 'alma mater' - the Fashion Institute of Technology - Volume 15, # 1, Fall 2004/Winter 2005,

Longish interview, revealing that "Ana Ishikawa" was one of his instructors at FIT.

"Tout l'univers des comics !" en français
Octobre 1998 (cover 1/2)
Très bon état

Sujets du mois : Darkchylde, Shi, Les héroïnes de comics de l'âge d'or à l'ère moderne
interview with Tucci, some big ads


indy Magazine, 1996 Sketch Magazine, volume 1, # 5  published October, 2000 by Blue Line Pro.  Flux Magazine

indy Magazine

Blackmore Publishing

Publisher: Jeff Mason

611 MW 34th Drive

Gainesville, FL 32607

BLUE LINE PRO 8385 U.S. Highway 42, Florence KY 41042 • 859-282-0096 sketch.htm

Copyright 2001 Blue Line Pro

Shi, Lady Death, and Vampirella, by

Buzz, Steven Hughes, and Bill Tucci, respectively, according to the credits.  The order is not a typo on my part.

published by Harris Publications.

This is the "alternate" cover for Flux #4, regular cover was apparently from Mortal Kombat 3.  Yes, I can see the #1 on the cover.  No date given - some time in 1995.

Same 3 ladies as the wizard bad girls cover



Lacunae Magazine


Hero Illustrated - July 1995


Comics Scene - January 1995

July/August 1995


#25, has the great centerfold image from WOTW 5 , and the cover from WOTW5

Read the interview (pdf file)


Issue 54

Article pages 45-48, 64.



March 1994


July 1994
I haven't opened this one up, yet. Issue # 4 Page 09 Page 10 Page 15
copyright is Vantage-Golub Communications, Inc., 10238 West National Avenue, #166, West Allis, WI 53277, edited by Rob Golub


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