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Overstreet's Comic Book Price Guide #37 - May 2007



Tucci ink, Sparacio Art

Softcover and Hardcover copies


Sparacio Supergirl Cover

Sparacio New Avengers Cover

Overstreet Fan #3

August 1995

Overstreet Fan #20

February 1997

Overstreet's Comic Price Review #7 - March 2004

Tucci Covers on both (?)

San Diego ComicCon Edition.

Good article, pages 86-88, including brief comment on how Shi got into the Razor annual, with Everett Hartsoe.


This is one of the issues with the "Tora No Shi" series.

Article on pages 88-91 about the DD crossover by Arnold Blumberg.

Published by Gemstone Publishing Inc, Greenspring Drive, Timonium, MD




Mark Sparacio

see the diamond previews  for more by Mark

something in issue 11, also ?



Overstreet's Fan # 8

January, 1996

There are some Crusade notes in the news on page 22; page 23 is an advertisement for Tomoe; page 50 has some notes on the Shi/Cyblade crossover, and a rather nice version of the Cyblade/Shi Silvestri Cover. Main article is by JC Vaughn, pages 108-112.  My copy also had a London Night ashcan for Poizon, and some cards, including a nice Razor chromium card.

Overstreet's Fan # 12, June 1996 

Atomik Angels on the cover

JC Vaughn interview on this topic, pages 32-36.  Note and image from the Shi card collection on page 99.  Listing of top comics on pages 116-117 has Shi as #15, and a copy of the Shi WOTW 1 cover.

Razor card from Overstreet's Fan #8




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