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Wizard Magazine - Bad Girls Special

Early 1996

There is a poster inside like the cover, then a  bunch of posters of good and bad girls - Shi (the tiger), Gen13, Lady Death, Angela, Vampirella(2), Lady Rawhide, Witchblade, Barb Wire(2), Razor, Cyblade, Dawn, Glory, Avengelyne(2)

The same 3 show up on the cover of Flux Magazine.  There is an alternate Pam Anderson cover. (mine is still in the bag)


Wizard Magazine #53, January 1996 Page 53
have this - need to scan Shi/Cyblade

Wizard Magazine #56, April 1996 Wizard 56 - alternate cover Wizard Magazine #59, July 1996
So, was there a Tucci cover for this issue as well ?  or any other alternate cover?  


Article, pages 28-31

See the Wizard Posters

Tucci Cover;   Wizard: The Guide To Comics, published by Gareb Shamus Enterprise, Inc; D.B.A. Wizard Press, NY

Superman cover shown to side.

There is a short article on pages 34&35, reporting by Mark Shapiro.  Illustration of the "manga" Shi from Shieiji, by Nelson Asencio

Note that the little superman image is by Tucci's buddies, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti



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