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Kaidan - Ghosts Stories

Black and White Interior   

Kaidan - Ghost Stories

October 1996


Alternate Cover - back

Alternate Cover - Front


Alternate Cover - Combined

Cover by Tucci, Poly Feliciano, Nelson Asencio, Brian Haberlin.


stories by various authors

The Soul of the Sword: Stan Sakai


The Second: Val Mayerik

Master Puppet: Jason Orfalas (ink by Claude St. Aubin)


The Mad Monk: David Mack

art also by  Mike Kaluta (bridge pages), Jamal Igle


Note that the back cover of the regular edition is the Daredevil art that was on the Cover of Combo Magazine

Kaidan - Ghost Stories - Inked Page 16 - ink by Claude St. Aubin

Without Text With Text Zoomed in
scanned in as grey scale - you can see a little more detail this way


Black, White, and Red

Great art concept - more of a fantasy concept than we normally find with this character.

Black, White, and Red #1

March 1998


# 2

May 1998




Back Cover of Collected 

Story: Tom Sniegoski

Pencils, Inks, Washtones: J. G. Jones

Story: Tom Sniegoski

Pencils, Inks, Washtones: J. G. Jones

There is a poster

nice poster version of cover #1 on page 22 of the collected edition  

Sample art - BWR #1 From The Collected Edition
Page 21 Page 45

Cover of Shi-The Series #3

Pages 46&47

Cover of Shi-The Series #2

Page 48


Cover of Shi-The Series #1



September 1997 


Story: Christopher Golden with William Tucci and Gary Cohn

Script: Christopher Golden with Gary Cohn

Painted Art: Val Mayerik

Lettering: Tony Serrata



The Pan "Creature" from the WOTW series, and other issues, shows up here in a slightly different form.

March 1998


Back Cover

Combined cover

Story: Tom Sniegoski & Chris Golden

Pencil Breakdowns: Ray Lago

Underpainting and Figurework: Ray Lago

Painters: Ray Lago, Mark Texeira, Tom Grindberg, John Cebollero, Dave DeVries, Vince Evans, Fred Harper, Floyd Hughes, Rich Kelley

Letterer: Joseph Biondi.

 See Ray Lago work on Masquerade in Heroes & Angels

The images shown here are Copyright ©William Tucci and Crusade Comics unless otherwise indicated.


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