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Several originals are shown in the Daredevil, Wolverine ,and  Year of the Dragon Page (2 covers, one interior page), and there are  sketches in the  tour books for 1998 (art of war)1999 (5-year anniversary)2000 (Year of the Dragon)2001 (Year of the Serpent) ,   2002 (Umadoshi)2003 (Owari), and 2004 .  See  also the  Lithographs, Art of WarDaredevil, and Pandora's Box (Matt Haley).  Vampirella by Caesar (below)


Sort of my pride and joy for the moment - a trio of pencil sketches, done on the same material used for the comics pages.


Full Body Sketch   - from San Diego Comicon, 7/21/2000

The pencil art is hard to represent properly.  I scanned this image several times, in a variety of ways.  I'm still not quite happy with the result.
Color Scan - fairly true to the light gray shadings of the pencil work, but hard to see. B&W scan, set so you can see the line work. Detail of the first image.  Fairly close to being an accurate reproduction of the original. Detail of the darker scan.

Shi Sketch - from San Diego Comicon, 7/21/2000

Something new (1/4/2005), a nice ink sketch on white notebook paper. a lighter version Vampirella


Vampirella by Caesar. He worked with Billy on Daredevil, The Movie, Rekishi, Senryaku, and the Series, amongst others.  Usually shown as doing inks.

purchased January 2006, dated 1997.


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Art done for the Shi/Daredevil Crossover - not used                                    

and in a slightly different category - original artwork from the comics - wolverine



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