Pandora's Box


Along with the Poisoned Paradise story line, this is a continuation of the storyline developed in Tora No Shi and Heaven and Earth - story is set in 1639 (it seems to follow Poisoned Paradise).  Interior pages are all B&W line art - no color pages.


Tucci Platinum Foil Gold Foil Prism Foil
January 2003 incentive edition gold foil - 500 copies 400 copies
Artwork - Juan Jose Ryp; Story by Robert Lugibihl; art from the upcoming  covers is inside this issue

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Ron Adrian Juan Jose Ryp Al Rio  
  1500 copies   note hand position is different


one-half - artwork by Juan Jose Ryp, Story by Robert Lugibihl

Tucci Cover Platinum Foil Prism Foil Royal Blue Foil


  300 copies 100 copies

Matt Haley 

(see below)

Ron Adrian Juan Jose Ryp


One - March 2003

Tucci Cover Platinum  Foil Prism Foil Royal Blue Foil
Regular Cover 650 printed 300 printed  100 printed

Story: Robert Lugibihl
Artist: Juan Jose Ryp

Al Rio Cover Juan Jose Ryp Cover Haley Cover Haley 1/2 cover




Sketch a is mine - b& c come from Delvie

   Matt Haley


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