Razor Annual

Shi - appearing for the first time

 Razor Annual 1  T5Y001  Gold Version  Razor Shi Special   T5Y005 Platinum Edition 


December 1993 

London Night Studios

I have dual-signed #111/999, # 301/999; Hartsoe signed,; Tucci signed; no unsigned

 --approximate print run--10,000

Everette Hartsoe gave Tucci his first big break, but the relationship didn't work out.

one signed by Hartsoe, one double signed (297/400)

no unsigned

Print run- 750 (Diamond COA)  or 3,000?


Linsner Cover 

4 unsigned copies,  one signed by Linser, Tucci & Hartsoe, 1995

July 1994 

Pages 19-24 are uncredited 

approximate print run--25,000


Hartsoe Cover 

one signed by Hartsoe

approximate print run--5,000

-  private communication from E. Hartsoe indicates he did the writing for the conclusion, and Richard Pollard did the drawing. 

Pencils pages 1-18, William Tucci Inks: 
pages 1-12 Bobby Rae, 
pages 13-18 (the part with Shi) Peter Palmiotti
Tucci works with both Jimmy and Peter Palmiotti fairly extensively The "Who are you?" illustration below is from that section.
The first full page 
(not counting the drop through the skylight on page 12)
"Who are you?" 


Promo Card Somebody messed up on the caption
Early versions of Shi have the odd "eyepatch" pattern - sort of like Domino   See the WOTW Trade-paperback and WOTW 2 Ashcan for more early visions of Shi to the right: Promo Card in Fan Magazine

See some Linser art for the promo card/cover I found on the web.

One difference between Crusade and London Night Studios seems to be the extent of nudity in the London Night Publications - considerably more graphic than that found in Crusade.
other asian female warriors in Razor?           Razor, Uncut, Series 5, # 37, June 1997 has a VERY Shi-like character in a prominent role.  There is an editorial note referring back to a very brief encounter with the same character in Razor Uncut #21, May 1996, though the characters look different


The Razor Character, and images shown here, are Copyright © London Night Studios and Everette Hartsoe 

Other images shown here are Copyright ©William Tucci and Crusade Comics,
unless otherwise indicated.

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