1.  August 1995  T5Y16 1. alternate T5Y17 2. October 1995   T5Y26

3. November 1995


Cover by Tucci & Asencio

Written by: Gary Cohn

Edited by: Peter Gutierrez

Calligraphy by: Susan Fong


There is a poster.

Art by:

Jim Lee, Joe Quesada, Geof Darrow, Jimmy Palmiotti, Nelson, Dave Sim, Michael Bair, Nelson Asencio, Agnela Daskalaikas, Jeff Smith, William Tucci, Paris Cullins, Gary Cohn

Art by:Marc Silvestri, Jae Lee, Jim Balent, John Ceblllero, Dan Jurgens, Caesar, Amanda Conno, Mark Texiera, Barry Orkin, George Perez, David Mack, Chris Batista, Peter Gutierrez. 


There is a poster.

Art by: Julie Bell, Scott Lee, Humberto Ramos, Stan Sakai, Ray Lago, Terry Moore, Jason Pearson, Cully Hamner, Marc Sassos, Adam Hughes, Joe Jusko, Top Cow Productoins, Mark Anthony Sacerdotali

See the Lithograph. and the poster


First page 


Trade Paper Back (TPB) 

collected edition

Hardback Version  T5Y038 

(still in cellophane)

table of contents makes it clear who did what pages - worth getting just for that.  There is a poster of the cover

Cover is by Frank Frazetta


The images shown here are Copyright ©William Tucci and Crusade Comics unless otherwise indicated.

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