ShiGI Preview - 2001  
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ShiGI - Evolution ShiGI - Red Foil Edition  
late 2001 150 copies apparently the original pencils - from ebay



ShiGI  - 2001 news that did not seem to pan out......

Billy Tucci of Crusade Entertainment sent in a piece of preview artwork from his upcoming CGI animated movie based on his Shi comics. The movie, tentatively titled ShiGI is targeted to be released on video in fall of this year.  The movie will be developed simultaneous to a comic book which tells the story. The same computer models and sets used for the film will be incorporated into comic called Shi - The Ring of Fire.  A preview edition of the comic/film project is due in comic shops in May. The preview will illustrate the production showing turnaround drawings, character models and other aspects of the process. The Shi - The Ring of Fire comic book is slated to hit the shelves summer of this year.




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