Tomoe  (Further Adventures)

 Tomoe - Witchblade - Fire Sermon 

Tomoe - Witchblade - Fire Sermon 

September 1996


Avalon Edition
September 1996  T5Y049

Gold foil lettering for title

Comic Con - July 1996 


Tomoe Witchblade San Diego Back Cover


Manga Shi

Story Peter Gutierrez and Jamal Igle, with Gary Cohn, Christina Z. and Marc Patten.

Written by: Peter Guiterrez

Pencils: Jamal Igle

Inks: Ravil

B&W line art  

Tomoe - Unforgettable Fire

 Tomoe - Unforgetable Fire

June 1997 



American Entertainmnt Edition 

June 1997 


 Rising Sun Edition

April 1997


Artist Proof

An advertisement in WOTW 6 fan appreciation 

Writer: Tony Bedard

Pencils: J. G. Jones


Inks: Caesar


 Black & White interior, include prelude to main story. picture to right from crusade web page  
  Original Art - Pages 12 & 24
Page 12 Page 24


trade paper back - don't have this yet.

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