Queen's Gambit


 Vampirella 7

Queen's Gambit 1



Amanda Connor Cover


June 1998
Pencils: Amanda Connor

Inks: Jimmy Palmiotti

Writers: Mark Millar & Grant Morrison

3000 copies

April 1998

Coloring by Elizabeth Lewis and Dean White

Chrome cover of QG 1- there is also a "holochrome" cover - sort of a holograph look.  Here, a flat version of the cover has been scanned. 

I have one chrome, and two holochromes.  There were 3000 chrome copies, and 1000 holochromes.  Hard to tell the difference: "The holoplaid limited edition is a slightly shinier chrome edition."

Italian collected edition

Vampirella. Vol. 1-. Series: Mega cult, vol. 2 no. 5-. Modena, Italy: Panini S.p.A., April 2001-.
Italian translation by Pier Paolo Ronchetti. Reprints the American title Vampirella monthly, nos. 4-, published 1996-. 

Number 1 is Vampirella: Holy War, 

number 2 is Vampirella: Queen's Gambit

number 3 is Vampirella: Hell on Earth, and number 4 includes Vampirella Monthly no.1, Vampirella/Lady Death, and Vampirella: World's End.comic

Queen's Gambit 2

Vampirella 8

July 1998



Tucci alternate (San Diego Convention) cover

July 1998




Queen's Gambit 3

August 1998


Cover: Connor and Palmiotti

Writers: Steven Grant, Mark Millar, Grant Morrison

Penciler: Amanda Connor


Inker: Jimmy Palmiotti

Colorists: Elizabeth Lewis and Dean White

1000 copies
Same Credits

The German ones


Nr.13 Prestige: 

Queen's Gambit 1/3

Nr.14 Prestige: 

Queen's Gambit 2/3

Nr.15 Prestige: 

Queen's Gambit 3/3

Vampirella: Queen's gambit. Vol. 1-3. Series: Vampirella no. 13-15. Munich, Germany: Splitter Verlag, 1998.
Released in a Presseausgabe and Buchhandelausgabe, the latter with a chromium cover. German translation by Gülbin Ünlü, from the American title of the same name.

The  chrome covers are interesting.  The inside of the cover is a nice large version of the 'regular' cover - would make a nice poster if you could get one that was not folded.  The chrome cover is folded around an identical non-chrome cover, which in the US were  the regular alternate covers, except for QG3, which might have been a tough sell here.

see also Vampirella Shi  German Edition


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