Vampirella - Shi

  Nine Kinds of Dirt by Warren Ellis

 Regular cover 1


Chrome Cover


Pure Pencils 


Louis Small 

3000 copies, and 3000 signed copies - I  have 1 each



July 1997
Cover by Louis Small Jr and Mark Morales,
Pencils: Small
Inks: Morales

September 1997
Adam Hughes
written by Warren Ellis

Early Adam Hughes Sketch - from eBay

Crossover Nr.6: Vampirella vs. Shi

     see further notes below on the German Crossovers.

Cover: Louis Small
Drawn by Louis Small
Inks by Mark Morales

7,500 copies

There is a holochrome I don't have (1000 copies)

Below is the non-chrome German version,  which is in some sense a better looking cover. German issue dated September 1997.  Other German

Shi Appears  - and considers Vampirella to be a demon - Vampirella is amused
Ashcan Version  Color Version a small joke

Focal Ground. 
(".. when a state is enclosed by three other states")
Note how the stance has changed from the original drawing. "Vampires!!  Until an hour ago, I didn't believe in such things." "Mad Japanese women in heavy make-up with big swords.  See 'em all the time."

Other German editions in Queen's Gambit

Vampirella Crossover. Vol. 1-. Rastatt, Germany: mg publishing, February 1999- .
German translation for no. 1, 2, 4 & 5 by Bernd Weigand; German translation for no. 3 by Ral Heinrich. Number 1 reprints the American title Vampirella / Lady Death no. 1; 

number 2 reprints Vampirella / Pantha; 

number 3 reprints Lady Death vs. Vampirella; 

number 4 reprints Purgatori vs. Vampirella; 

number 5 reprints Vampirella / Painkiller Jane; 

number 6 reprints Vampirella/Shi. 

Also issued in a hardcover limited and numbered edition.

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