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July 1996
Cover by Tucci


September 1997
written by Warren Ellis
Drawn by Louis Small
Inks by Mark Morales
October 1997
Ellis & Lau


June-August 1998


January 1999
Cover by Tucci
cover Inks: Phyllis Novin
Interior Pencils: Claude St. Albin

info on Queen's Gambit: 

info on Vampirella/Shi


Vampirella Crossover Gallery, September 1997  It's a wrap-around cover.  There is a small Shi image on the back. Shi and Vampirella

One of several covers - note that it is a wrap-around

There were chrome (3000) and holochrome (1000) versions.  I have both.

Cover by J. Scott Campbell Sandra Hope

There are alternate covers for Painkiller Jane, Pantha, Savage Dragon, and Monkeyman & O'Brien. They are all double spreads except Painkiller Jane. 

Art by Louis Small, Jr. and Gary Martin.  Colored by Brian Haberlin

Savage Dragon Covers ==>

A book of images teaming Vampi with Hellshock (Jae Lee), The Savage Dragon (Rick Mays), Kabuki (David Mack), Monkeyman & O'Brien (Art Adams), Rascals in Paradise (Jim Silke), Madman (Mike Allred), Pantha (Mark Beachum), Painkiller Jane (Joe Quesada & Jimmy Palmiotti), Shi (Louis Small, Jr. and Gary Martin), Cyberfrog & Salamandroid (Ethan Van Sciver), and Body Bags (Jason Pearson).

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