Dark Night of Judgement: 

Regular cover


Drawing for Cover

Close-up of face





Dated: 2000 (no month)

By: William Tucci and Beau Smith

Inks:  Rich Perotta

Colors: Atomic Paintbrush

Beauty and the Beast Cover Red Foil Variant Virgin Variant Tower Records Variant
"Wolverine" is in shiny red foil - does not scan well

Antiquities Edition   

Signed and Numbered on the back Shi's Eyes

(#008 of 500?) other "antiquities" were runs of 200

other antiquities editions 

Illustrated Warrior;    Akai;   Year of the Dragon


Judgement Night Published in 2000 Regular Battlebook for Wolverine
These aren't really comics - they are battlebooks, and you need both of these to play the game

Pencils: Billy Tucci

Inks: Phyllis Novin

Pencils: Marc Sasso & Billy Tucci

Inks: Phyllis Novin


See the Shi 2000 web page
The other ashcan With the Rice Paper Cover
Flip Side of Shi Zero (Back cover) Unusual sort of stamp added

Also, see the Battlebook


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