Shi - Way of the Warrior 2

Front cover
June 1994


Back Cover - by Barry Orkin

Commemorative B&W - August 1994
Front Cover



Commemorative B&W - Back Cover

Tucci: Story, script, and pencils. 
Barry Orkin: colors. 
Peter Gutierrez:  script

There is a lithograph

Michael Bair - inks

Advertisements were printed for Bullet Proof Comics and Comic Cavalcade - Early support

Fan Edition - 1995


  German Edition
December 1998
Fan Appreciation issue has short crossover segment for Horseman  


Commemorative/Ashcan - seemingly the most common is the green onne, there are also red, blue, purple, and gold.

There are only supposed to be 500 copies of the Green version, but that may mean only 500 signed. 
Front cover Back Cover

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

100 of these were produced for the 1994 Chicago Comic Con. 

A second set was released by Bullet Proof Comics in 1995.

The difference is that there were more of the latter and they had an additional image printed on the back cover.

Collecting note: I have 2 green, one signed (but not numbered), one unsigned - both are apparently the 1995 version.


I have two red (Tucci/Bair, and Tucci/Gutierrez sig) from 1994, and one for 1995 (Tucci signature, # 147/1000).

I have one blue (turquoise) (291/1000, Tucci sig), from 1995.

A blue 1994 recently sold on eBay for $75 (Dec 2005).

See the WOTW Trade Paperback and Razor for color versions of these figures

Buzz Marc Sasso
This figure also became a lithograph.  
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