Shi - Way of the Warrior 4

Front cover
January 1995


Wizard - with gel cover


Wizard 10 - w/o cover German Edition 
February 1999

Tucci: Story, script, and pencils. 
Barry Orkin: colors. 
Peter Gutierrez:  script, story elements
Michael Bair, 
Jimmy Palmiotti - Inks 

There is a lithograph

Wizard Edition #10

First appearance of Tomoe Gozan - school flashback for Ana


Tucci/Cyblade  Silvestri/Shi Tan/Tempest
From the 1996 cover of Cyberforce Origins

Also, a centerfold in Image Comics: Stryke Force #8, November, 1994

This poster was also in the Stryke Force issue - I imagine the Tempest poster was also in some editions.

The three appear together in a wall poster.

Front cover Back Cover

Page 6 Page 7
The pages are 6-7 and depict Ana Ishikawa atop a horse-shaped building protrusion while Manhattan sleeps.  Lethargic Lad graffiti on one of the buildings.



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