Shi - Way of the Warrior 6

Front cover
September 1995


Fan Appreciation - 1996


Ashcan German Edition
April 1999

William Tucci - Story, Co-script, Pencils, Layouts, additional Inks, 
Peter Gutierreez - Co-script, story

This is the alternate to Tomoe 1.

Nelson Asencio, inks, backgrounds
Michael Bair - inks

Brian Haberlin and Top Cow Color - color
"Buzz finished page 7"


Text in the back of the fan appreciation issue points out that the fans used by Tomoe are authentic in their usage - seems odd.

This is the alternate cover to the American WOTW 5

signed & numbered, I have # 29/200, 

# 110/200

First page last page  "Centerfold" in fan appreciation 6

The images shown here are Copyright ©William Tucci and Crusade Comics unless otherwise indicated.

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There was a small preview/introduction to a cross-over with Eenieeweenie Comics, and Funnytime Features

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