Shi - Way of the Warrior 9

Front cover
September 1996


Tomoe as Shi Comicon Back Cover German Edition (11)
September 1999

Story and Script: Tucci & Gutierrez,
Pencils: Mitch Byrd (pp 1-7, 10-19), Paris Cullins (pp 20-26), Tucci (pp 8-9).

Inks: Ken Branch & Nelson Asencio (pp 8-9)

Notice the butterfly on her cheek, instead of the death glyph - Tucci/Asencio art, pages 8&9


Numbering is offset by 2 because of the Shi-Tomoe edition, which came out as 9/10 in Germany.  This cover is from a scene in WOTW 10, page 19.

Inked artwork for Page 13 of WOTW 9
the inked page the final product



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