Shi - Way of the Warrior 10

Back Cover

Front cover
October 1996


Full cover

German Edition

October 1999

Inks by Ken Branch and Nelson Asencio


Story and script: Tucci & Gutierreez - 
Pencils by Tucci (pp 1-3, 10-11, 21), Orfalas (pp 9, 12-20, 22-28, and Paris Cullins (pp 4-8)

I wonder about the attribution page numbers a little, because I think the art which is on page 19 is by Tucci (see cover of German edition of WOTW 9)

See the poster - Tomoe's  Tears

Numbering off by two from the Shi-Tomoe edition


the "No European Tour" special edition

Billy cancelled on a tour, and printed up a special version of this issue for the Europeans - Dutch text on the cover, but English inside.  Gold lettering on the front cover, bottom edge "De Europese No Tour editie van een aardig stripverhaal".  #407 of 500.


The images shown here are Copyright ©William Tucci and Crusade Comics unless otherwise indicated.

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