The art of Bill Tucci. My personal collection, tabulated carefully and arranged so that I can keep track of what I have, and not buy too many more copies of each on eBay in my ongoing quest for completeness.

Shi Comics and Trade Paperbacks

First Appearance – Razor Annual


Chronological Index

The Way of the Warrior – the Original Tucci Work
The Way of the Warrior, Trade Paperback
The Illustrated Warrior (compiled, text version by Craig Shaw Gardner)


German Editions:
The Way of the Warrior
Way of the Warrior Trade Paperback

Tomoe (WOTW); Tomoe/Witchlade, Tomoe, Unforgettable Fire
The Series
Akai ; Ju-Nen; Rekishi; Senryaku; Manga
East Wind Rain and Sempo
Heaven and Earth and Tora No Shi (Fan version) –
Pandora’s Box; Poisoned Paradise
Shi – 5 year anniversary
Kaidan – Ghost Stories; Black, White, & Red;; Nightstalkers
Shi 2000 and Year of the Dragon
Year of the Serpent

Other Artists _ Original Works

Joe Orsak

Shane Bollin - Shi with dragon

Pawel Jaworski

D Black (caution, adult)

G. Sportelli (ditto)

Shi Crossovers

Cyblade (with first Witchblade)
Lady Death (lingerie, swimsuit)

Shi - non comic items

Magazine Covers and articles
Wizard Posters , big posters

WOTW Lithographs
Year of the Dragon Lithographs
Miscellaneous Lithographs

Other early artwork:
WOTW 2 Ashcan

Art of War and other artwork, 1999 (5 year), 2000 (dragon) , 2001 (serpent), 2002 (Umadoshi) , 2003 (Owari)

Original Artwork by Bill Tucci , Various Tucci Commission Shi Kaidan ink by Jason Orfalas and Claude St Aubin Matt Haley covers

Fan Art Page – Kettman –

non-Shi comics by Tucci

Angel Fire
Atomik Angels
Burning Blue
Some Trouble of a Serrious Nature
Through the Ashes, NY Trade Center Tribute
Victoria Cross

Tucci (miscellaneous) Guest Appearances

(1990’s, 2000’s)
Blood Bath, Cynder, Funnytime Features, Gen 13, Kabuki art, Lethargic Lad, Malibu/Marvel Crossover, Samson, Weirdsville, Robocop, Narwain (ZombieSama, New Orleans benefit), Anthem (Liberty Girl), Madman, and Katrina Benefit.

Shi Movie

Tia Carrerre or ? see the discussion on the fan forum


Recently found a good site for Shi links, with an unusual database capability which is fairly elegant. (June 2002)

Joe Snider’s Site is probably going to outdo mine in completeness fairly soon, if it has not already.

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